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Incredible Shrinking Man

Monster From Hell

Sculpted by Steve West (Villain from DC Comics’ Batman)


Sculpted by Jeff Yagher



(Dave Prowse Frankenstein) Sculpted by John Garcia


Flash Gordon/Buster Crabbe

Mark of the Vampire

Gravely Mistaken

Reissued of Terry Reynolds Classic



Two figure set featuring Luna and Count Mora sculpted by John Garcia


EC Comics-style Zombie sculpted by Randall Stamm and Jean-Louis Crinon



Snake Boy

The Banshee

Sculpted by Mark Alfrey,

base by Mark Brokaw


From the movie “Sssss” sculpted by John Garcia


Sculpted by Joe Laudati

Currently unavailable


Little Wooden Boy

'43 Batman and Robin


1:1 scale figure plus stomach base

 (Cast from actual prop)


1:1 scale figure from the cartoon “The Tick”. (Also seen in the movie “Small Soldiers”)


Figures sculpted by Terry Reynolds. Base sculpted Sean Donahue.